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Environment, Health & Safety

It is the policy of Chapman, Inc. to be both successful and responsible in the environmental services sector. Our efforts to protect our employees, clients and the environment in all Chapman projects and activities are a key part of that success. The effectiveness of Chapman's workplace safety programs is evidenced by its current Worker's Compensation Experience Modification Rate of .899. In general, this rating is considered "Good" since it is below the national average of 1.0. Chapman's rate has has been below 1.0 for the last 10 years. The environment, health and safety management system we have implemented is continually improved as a framework to maintain:

• Regulatory Compliance
• Prevention of Pollution
• Conservation
• Emission and Effluent Control
• Ecology and Habitat Protection
• Exposure Minimization
• Effective Communication

Our S.H.O.P. manual Overview (PDF)

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