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Our Senior Management Team
James Nash
President and Founder

Jim's 44 years of experience in environmental remediation, wastewater treatment, applied physics and analytical testing have provided him with in-depth management know-how in private and federal government settings. He has a keen understanding of remediation system operations, maintenance and evaluation, with years of hands-on experience. Jim has managed the startup and/or operation of numerous waste treatment operations for groundwater and industrial process water, as well as landfill gas collection and flare systems. He has successfully implemented Chapman's asset management system, which allows field operators to interface with the database while keeping all data centralized, manageable, auditable and safe. Prior to founding Chapman, Jim worked in the chemical industry as a laboratory supervisor in analytical and end-product testing. His zest for more hands-on field work led him to apply his knowledge of instrumentation, testing and evaluation to spill response and remediation equipment at the EPA's Oil and Hazardous Materials Test Tank (OHMSETT) at Naval Weapon Station Earle, and then at the EPA/ERT's Response Engineering Analytical Contract (REAC), where he was the Engineering Group Leader.

Robert Farrell
Project Manager

With more than 35 years of experience in water, industrial and sanitary wastewater and collection systems, Bob serves as Project Manager for various operation and maintenance contracts for public and private clients. He holds numerous licenses and is known for his deep understanding of various plant processes, troubleshooting and repair work. He joined Chapman in 1996 and managed the operation of a landfill leachate PCB recovery project. He then served as a Lead Operator at Freshkills Landfill in Staten Island, NY-- the world's largest landfill leachate treatment plant. In 1998, Bob served as Operator Assistant at the Combe Fill South Landfill Superfund Site in Chester, NJ. In 2002 he rose to the Chief Operator position. As Project Manager, he holds authority over site activities and supports operators and field technicians. He specifies and procures materials and equipment and performs data entry of the enterprise-wide computerized maintenance management (CMM) system . Bob stays in tune with the goals of each project in order to maintain the plant, improve its processes and solve design problems/limitations. He oversees subcontractors on site, effectively communicates with clients and assures regulatory compliance and reporting.

Patricia Hinze
Vice President of

With more than 25 years of experience in small business office administration in industrial and commercial work environments, Patty currently handles all administrative duties for Chapman. She joined the company in 1991 and with her industry experience and knowledge, she has fostered the company's growth. Patty's duties have included bookkeeping, financial management, payroll, human resources, project expense tracking, insurance procurement, contract bidding, negotiation and administration, customer service, marketing and technical sales. Patty initiated the purchase and use of a financial and project management system and manages the accounting inputs as well as project data entry, cost analysis and report generation. She is always focused on the needs of the client, striving to accommodate their administrative requirements, such as custom invoicing, certified payroll or other financial submittals. Her tenacity for detail and efficiency has proven to be an asset to the company, its managers, field operations staff and clients, with regards to communication, organization and control. While ensuring cash flow, timely vendor payments, current receivables and efficient daily procedures, she provides due diligence in proper, legal management of all administration tasks.

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