Client Solutions

For the General Contractor that is bidding on a build/operate contract and needs someone to operate the plant and/or make operational submittals, Chapman's support starts at the very beginning of a construction project. We have been used by general contractors and engineering companies to perform the operation and maintenance portion of newly-built plants. At times we are there during the construction, fulfilling some of the administrative tasks such as compiling the O&M manual and building the O&M work plan. This is a win-win situation. Construction management receives help and Chapman O&M personnel get an up-close look at plant details that are not readily visible once the construction is completed.

For the Plant Owner who needs someone to clearly communicate what the issues are with their plant/systems. Chapman has taken over operations of plants that have been in existence for a number of years. The reasons vary, but our reputation in the field comes from our corporate culture, to share information freely with the client and the client's representatives: engineering companies, and site engineers. Note: our standard contract prohibits us from answering third party inquiries unless specifically directed by the client.

For the Project Manager who needs an experienced company with operators who will be there to keep their system running and in compliance, and who won't blow the budget. Chapman offers our experience, being there on site, with the right people, at a fair price.

For the Problem Plant that may have been neglected, is approaching or beyond its useful life, Chapman brings experience. The estimated useful life of concrete wastewater treatment plants is 50 years; collection systems 80 to 100 years. However, the useful life of the mechanical and electrical components of a collection system is 15 and 15-25 for treatment plants. Owners, municipal, private or regional, are finding that the financing for replacing such components is difficult to obtain and budgetary constraints appear to block having an effective maintenance program or making the capital investments necessary to replace old and worn plants.

Chapman has taken over operation and maintenance of some plants that have gone well beyond their useful life, and may have suffered from neglect. Chapman develops an organized Work Plan for the problem plant, communicates it to the owner and measures and reports the progress. We begin by identifying and listing every component in an electronic database: pumps, electric motors, brushes, aerators, blowers, valves, actuators… etc. If we don't already have them in our database/library we locate manufacturers' O&M manuals and service bulletins. Using this information along with regulatory permits, we identify the essential tasks that must be done first for corrective maintenance. We report to the owner on the condition/functionality of the equipment and provide an estimate of the repair costs to bring the plant into an effective operational condition. We compile a list of tasks for ongoing preventive maintenance, environmental compliance, training, health & safety, and other relevant tasks.

Work Plan
The lack of an organized work plan that is communicated and implemented often causes O&M tasks to be mysterious, possibly known by only one person, and possibly not carried out. Work plans can be written and put in a fine looking binder; but, that doesn't make the words in the plan come to life. Chapman's work plans do come to life. They address each piece of equipment, incorporate manufacturers' recommended maintenance, regulatory requirements, and best practices. It is a computer, data based, enterprise-wide system that we use to build the work plan, issue and track work orders. In a cyber sort of way it breathes life into what could otherwise be a dead volume of paper. This system allows us to track progress, generate detailed O&M Reports, investigate equipment history, predict needed maintenance, and, if it comes to it, provide an effective legal defense.

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