Contract Operations and Maintenance

Chapman, Inc. is an environmental service company whose senior management has over 100 years of combined experience in operating and maintaining treatment plants for: research facilities; institutional, commercial and municipal sanitary systems; active/inactive industrial pretreatment and manufacturing; Superfund remediation; former manufactured gas plants; Brownfield development; landfill leachate and landfill gas control. Our motto is: “We take care of your plant like it's our own”… and we have a top-notch team to deliver that care. From a simple, low volume process to a complex, high output plant, we have licensed operators and support staff ready to establish preventive and predictive maintenance programs to keep your treatment plants and equipment operating as intended.

Chapman Protects Your Investment

We keep a close watch on the treatment plants and equipment in which our clients have invested precious dollars. Keeping systems at peak operational efficiency promotes compliance with the strict standards of regulatory agencies, while minimizing costly equipment failures and process breakdowns.

Chapman partners with facility owners, engineers/ licensed site remediation professionals (LSRPs), general contractors, federal, state and local government authorities/agencies to optimize plant operations and maintenance. Our expertise and constant training allows us to dig deep into your processes to overcome challenges and find opportunities for improvement. We correct the problems you're aware of, as well as those that may have previously gone undetected.

Chapman provides six key service components in order to meet each client's specific requirements, objectives and targets.

System Operation
Chapman develops operational controls and processes for our clients' facilities to ensure maximum performance, balancing innovation with caution to maintain stability.

Health and Safety
Every employer should have a written "plan" to prevent injury and illness. Our SHOP (Safe and Healthy Operating Procedures) manual is written to prevent injury and illness, and encourage safety and health.

System Maintenance
We use an enterprise-wide computerized maintenance management (CMM) system based on client equipment, recommended preventive maintenance, and proven troubleshooting techniques.

Financial Records & Control
All project costs are carefully monitored, controlled and reported in detail. You'll always have a clear understanding of costs.

Asset & Records Management
Equipment is registered, maintenance is scheduled, work orders are issued, reports are delivered, and permanent records are maintained in our enterprise-wide asset management system.

System Evaluation
We use preventive maintenance, employ troubleshooting/diagnostic instrumentation, and offer creative, practical solutions.

Learn more about the solutions we have offered our clients, or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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